Level 3 PUWER Accredited Course Case Study

Case Overview

Alistair Ings, EHS Compliance Manager, completed our Level 3 PUWER Inspection and Machine Risk Assessment Qualification accredited by the FDQ. After passing with a Distinction, we asked Alistair why he decided to undertake this course and how the learning is assisting in his current role.

What was the challenge you were facing before completing the qualification?

I wanted to source a PUWER related course to confirm my understanding of the PUWER process. I had completed machinery risk assessment and PUWER fundamental day courses previously, however I wanted a formal qualification to build my capability to be able to carry out PUWER assessments.

My challenges prior to attending the PUWER course were mainly not being able to carry out many assessments due to lack of knowledge. PUWER covers a wide range of aspects to look for and I found it hard to remember them all , and in particular the range of ISO standards relating to machine safety.

Why did you choose the Spiers accredited course?

The Spiers course stood out mainly because of the formal qualification which you are able to offer. The other courses I have attended were very good, however they only demonstrated good practice on what is required, however were to no particular standard.

I have carried out PUWER assessments internally for many years and wanted to find a supplier who could offer a formal qualification to confirm my understanding and provide additional information if possible. I have been looking for a supplier who could provide this course for a few years now.

How did you find the course and was the training what you expected?

I came across the course when speaking to Warren a couple of years ago, when Spiers Engineering was carrying out some work for the company I work for. The training was what I expected in that it was a combination of class room, formal examination and practical demonstration. The training was more to the level of depth I had hoped for and went into detail on what each relevant ISO standard related to each part of the regulations.

How the qualification is helped you in your current role?

I have carried out PUWER assessments since doing the course and I really believe it has helped me structure the assessments in a better way, by just focusing on the required actions, but based on the relevant standards.

Has there been any business efficiencies i.e. cost savings as a result of attending the course?

The assessments have reduced the amount of time required to carry out the assessment. I do believe the RiskMach too (www.riskmach.co.uk) which I used during the assessment is a good tool and will reduce the amount of time when doing PUWER assessments.

Would you recommend Spiers’ as a PUWER training provider? If so, why?

Yes I would recommend Spiers as a PUWER training provider because doing PUWER assessments is core to business safety and as such, you should provide the information and methodology to complete PUWER assessments to satisfy the requirements under the regulation and in the most efficient way. You pass on your knowledge and experiences to help complete PUWER assessments in practice on the shop floor and not just covering the theory.

If you are interested in getting this qualification too, take a look at the what the course covers here.