Statfold Engineering

Spiers Engineering Safety helped Nick Noon of Statfold Engineering get out of a very sticky (and costly) situation by carrying out a CE Audit which resulted in a brand new machine.

Nick Noon - Statfold Engineering


Unbeknown to Nick of Statfold Engineering, he purchased a machine which was unsafe to operate and which was not CE Marked. Nick contacted the supplier of the machine, but they refused replace it and acknowledge the problem, taking no responsibility for the defects in the design.


Nick contacted Spiers Engineering Safety for an independent assessment and a CE audit report to prove non-compliance of the machine.


The Supplier refunds Nick, and replaces the machine with a new one which was safe to use.

Statfold Engineering relied heavily upon a newly purchased machine which manufactured cylinder heads. However, after just a few days, the machine operators were suffering with pain in their arms and backs. This led to two members of staff leaving, and the machine being out of use, which consequently lead to Nick losing money due to lost orders.

“After just a few days of working on the machine, my employees complained of pains in their backs, achy arms and general fatigue”

He contacted the supplier but was told there was nothing wrong with the design of the machine and they wouldn’t take any action to help solve the problem.

Normal consumer law does not apply to a limited business and the Supply of Machinery Regulations are not enforced by trading standards in most cases.

Nick sought help from Spiers Engineering Safety to see if they could get the machine replaced by proving it had design flaws.

Risk Level - HIGH

Mike Armstrong, Technical Director, carried out a CE Audit on the machine in question. He could see straight away that there were serious flaws in the ergonomic design of the machine as the chuck guard was too heavy to lift. The risk level was deemed as high and linked to the appropriate Essential Health and Safety Requirement from the Supply of Machinery Regulations.

“We identified high frequency movements which exceeded efforts permitted by the relevant harmonised standards”

Warren Spiers, Owner of Spiers Engineering

Spiers provided Nick with the Declaration of Conformity which listed these standards. This was enough for him to show that there was a breach in the commercial contract between Statfold and them.

Statfold's old machine
Figure 1. Statfold's old, unsafe machine

Nick presented the findings to the supplier. When they realised that they were being faced with a credible threat of legal action to recover losses, they needed to take appropriate action to solve the problem and replace the machine. They subsequently admitted that the machine wasn’t CE marked and that it shouldn’t have been sold in that condition. They refunded Nick his money and provided him with a brand new ( and safe) machine.

“Without Spiers I would have lost more money & been left with the same poor machine”

“Spiers were extremely professional and very knowledgeable about CE Marking,” says Nick. “I called a few Machine Safety consultancies before speaking to Spiers, but they hadn’t a clue how to help me. As soon as I explained the problem to Mike, he knew exactly what to do”.

“From picking up the phone to getting a brand new, safe machine only took around eight weeks. This was a fantastic result for my business, as my staff could operate a machine which was a lot more comfortable to use. This ultimately meant I could get more jobs in and increase productivity.”

Statfold's new machine
Figure 2. The new, safe machine

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