CE Marking Machines and CE Marking Self Certification Services

In order to bring a machine in for use Europe it must be CE marked to all applicable directives. Spiers provide CE Marking for machinery services within the UK and Europe.

  • We are highly trained consultants within the field of CE Marking
  • We will consult with stakeholders to provide a compliance and conformity plan
  • We will act as your Authorised Representative
  • We will hold a copy of the Technical Construction File (TCF) for 10 years; we remove the burden from your organisation

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We're proud to have worked with...

“Spiers Engineering provided us with an excellent CE Marking Audit. The whole process from start to finish was extremely professional, reasonably priced and they were the only machine safety consultancy who were able to help with the problem I was being faced with”

Nick Noon, Owner, Statfold Engineering Ltd

Spiers Engineering Safety were able to advise and support Nick through the problem of a non-compliant machine.

Spiers’ expertise helped form a strong case for Nick getting the supplier to acknowledge the problem and putting corrective actions in place. Get a report like Nick's.

Are your machines ready to be CE Marked?

We offer services to determine if your machine is CE ready and if not then to get you moving in the right direction. The services below have been designed based on our extensive experience supporting machine designers, builders, integrators and modifiers.

Design Review Service
Evaluate a specific characteristic(s) of a machine, actual or proposed, to determine if the safety is appropriate.

Design Risk Assessment Service
Evaluate all the characteristic(s) of a machine, actual or proposed, to determine if the safety concept is appropriate.

CE Audit
Inspecting & auditing the machine to determine whether it has been, or can be, correctly CE Marked.

If you are ready then we can get straight to it, CE Marking:

Spiers will complete a conformity assessment procedure including the final checks. On successful completion of that procedure, we will draw up the Declaration of Conformity (or incorporation), and certify the machine as the authorised representative.

When we sign the Declaration as the authorised representative we are taking on a role that shares the risk and gives you piece of mind. Spiers do not operate with impunity. We are bound by the law of the land and we will stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients if the need were to arise to defend our actions in CE Marking Machinery.

Need a machine CE marked?

Spiers have over 30 years’ experience in CE Marking of machines. We can support you to get the results you need.