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At Spiers Engineering Safety, we have put together a FREE comprehensive fixed ladder inspection checklist to help you stay compliant with health and safety regulations.

When working at height, it is paramount all your operations are safe and meet the requirements of Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998. With our thorough ladder inspection checklist, you can keep on top of your PUWER inspections.

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Fixed Ladder PUWER Inspections

Our experienced PUWER inspection engineers have created the ultimate checklist for ensuring your fixed ladders are safe to use within your workplace. This checklist is applicable to fixed ladders where they are a part of the safe access concept for stationary work equipment/machinery powered and non powered. ‘Fixed’ means they are mounted in such a way that tools are needed for their removal or destruction of the joining means (i.e. welded). This checklist also applies when the main function of the fixed ladder is to provide a safe access concept to a building or civil construction where the machine/equipment is located e.g. roof access to extraction systems. Where there is no local regulation or applicable standard, then our free fixed ladder checklist may be used for means of access which are similar to the examples given above. This checklist is not applicable to powered means of access such as lifts, escalators, or other devices specially designed to lift persons between two levels.

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Receive detailed, expert guidance on the questions you need to be asking when you assess your means of access. From generalised questions to those that cover specialised circumstances, our checklist walks you through the considerations you need to be investigating. From suitability and current condition to training and conformity to regulations and requirements.

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Thanks to the reliable compliance software from RiskMach, scanning our QR code will allow you to view and complete our ladder inspection checklist that links to digital reports. With the app, you can inform all your relevant parties that every fixed ladder has undergone a thorough inspection, allowing for real-time collaboration throughout the process.

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Ladder PUWER Inspection Experts

Our engineering safety team has an in-depth, detailed understanding of PUWER safety regulations and requirements. With decades of experience, they have supported clients on a global scale to ensure they are compliant. When it comes to evaluating a workplace’s practices for working at height, they are able to advise and carry out inspections that adhere to the latest fixed ladder standards.

If you would like support with your Ladder PUWER Inspection, our expert engineers are on hand. Contact our team today at 02475422624 or email your enquiry to