Welcome to Spiers Engineering Safety. We are a leading machinery safety consultancy in the UK and experts in CE certification of machines and PUWER inspection.

CE Marking Machinery Services

We are experts in machine safety providing services supporting CE marking of machinery including the role of an Authorised Representative. Using Spiers to support you in CE Marking Machinery is a guaranteed way to give your internal checks on machine safety, machine conformity and machine compliance an independent expert third party opinion so you can be sure your machine is safe when put on to the market or brought in to use for the first time.

Spiers are also an internationally recognised training service provider with a number of courses spanning different levels and meeting different needs. Our level 3 CE Marking for Machinery course is accredited by the FDQ and an effective way to guarantee your staff get the best training. Give us a call if you have questions.

PUWER Inspection Services

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98) requires that machines in the UK are inspected at suitable intervals and prior to use for the first time. Our high quality services fulfil the needs of the law in this respect and give you the confidence that your machines are safe or that you know how to make them safe as required by PUWER.

Spiers has extensive knowledge of machine safety design from providing CE Marking Machinery services and we put this to work during the PUWER inspection to ensure that you receive guidance that is up to date with current best practice and PUWER compliant.

Spiers provide a number of PUWER assessor courses designed to empower you with the training needed to meet your goals, whether it be PUWER awareness for compliance or assessor training so you can carry out your own PUWER assessments.

How can I learn more about machinery safety?

We provide regular workshops for our clients and future clients to attend. These can be used to work through existing risk assessments or to review the Directives, Regulations or EN standards to stay up to date. Sign up to our newsletter to receive the discount codes at regular intervals or book yourself on to the next CE Marking Machinery Training and PUWER Training workshops.

Engineering Management and Health & Safety are like Oil and Water

We provide services that bridge the gap between the occupational health and safety and the engineering discipline to improve communication and break down the barriers with carefully written machine risk assessments. This allows you to get on with making, modifiying or using safe machines in the knowledge that a high quality machine risk assessment has been completed and evidenced.

Machine Risk Assessment

At the core of what we do is detailed machine risk assessments with control measures that spell out the actions that should be taken in order to make the machine safe. A machine risk assessment is needed for different reasons depending on what angle you are coming from and what your ar trying to achieve. For Example, modifying a machine in anyway should include a machine risk assessment. The machinery safety skills and experience needed to complete themachine risk assessment will vary in proportion to the size and complexity of the task.

However, the principles to be applied in safe machine design are consistent and expertly applied by Spiers when providing support for design and machine risk assessments. All our machine risk assessments will reference and include relevant to Machine Safety Standards. This gives you the confidence that our machine risk assessments are in line with current best practice.

So, whether you need a PUWER 98 inspection, support in design/machine risk assessment for new machines and machine modification or the final checks for the conformity process, Spiers are well positioned to support you.

With one of our machine risk assessments you can say goodbye to ambiguity.