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Ensure your PUWER procedures are compliant with the industry standards and regulations with the PUWER Support Package by Spiers Safety Engineering. Tailored to your specific business requirements, this is a cost-effective solution that includes both access to purpose-built compliance and risk management software with unlimited technical support for responding to any defects identified by your PUWER inspections. With certified PUWER assessors (CPA™) onsite doing your PUWER inspections or supporting your team. Our package offers:

  • Bespoke PUWER Compliance Strategy
  • On-site PUWER Inspections & Support (2 days per year)
  • Unlimited RiskMach software technical support
  • Machine Safety Workshop (1 seat / year)
  • RiskMach Report Hub (unlimited users/data included)
  • RiskMach Compliance (500 risk assessments / audits actions)
  • Free cancellation at any time
  • From £2200/year

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Bespoke PUWER Compliance Strategy

At Spiers Engineering Safety, we take the time to understand your business and its specific requirements to create a PUWER compliance strategy that works for you. We structure the PUWER process by linking roles within the procedure to the people in your organisation. This ensures that the strategy can be deployed easily and efficiently.

We are PUWER experts with years of experience in the industry and we apply our extensive knowledge to guarantee that the procedure you use in your business is designed in line with the latest HaSaWA and PUWER Regulations. Our risk-based approach is applicable to both individual machines and product lines that integrate several machines so we can adapt it to your unique business structure.

To demonstrate PUWER compliance, we give you access to the RiskMach platform where you can create and maintain records of all your risk management activities.

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Free Machine Safety Training Workshop

Free Machine Safety Training Workshop

Once we have set out the PUWER compliance strategy for your business, we organise Machine Safety Workshops run by industry experts that are designed to help your team successfully implement the necessary procedures. We offer essential PUWER training to support the continued development of your competence and professional expertise. With the Spiers team by your side, you will always be up-to-date with the latest technological developments in your industry.

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RiskMach for PUWER Compliance

Keeping on top of your PUWER compliance activities has never been easier. RiskMach is a powerful compliance, risk management and reporting tool that allows you to plan and execute all your PUWER inspections to meet the relevant regulatory requirements. Our unique subscription platform has been created by our experts to support all your PUWER activities with amazing functions such as:

  • Easy-to-use modern online platform
  • Accessible from any device, any place at any time
  • Detailed records securely stored using Amazon hosting
  • Instant collaboration and information sharing
  • Complete visibility of the PUWER compliance procedures
  • Bridging the gap between internal and third-party resources

As part of our PUWER Support Package, we also include unlimited technical system support. Any time you have a question about RiskMach, you can contact our team via phone or Microsoft Teams for advice.

Remote Support or On-Site PUWER Inspections

At Spiers, we are committed to offering a tailored service to each of our clients to guarantee the best possible results. Our PUWER Support Package lets you choose how you would like our engineering safety specialist to assist you. With two full working days (16 hours) of expert support time to cash in, you can either benefit from on-site PUWER inspections conducted by our professional PUWER assessors or get remote support meetings with the Spiers team whenever you need advice. We are happy to adapt to your specific needs, goals and objectives.

Expert Remote Support

We know how complex PUWER regulations are, so we make sure our PUWER experts are available to assist you in remote meetings whenever you need additional support in implementing your PUWER strategy. Whether you need help with the planning or guidance on the reviews process, we are here to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Teams Laptop
Teams Laptop

On-Site PUWER Inspections

There is no better way to learn about PUWER than to see our Certified PUWER Assessors (CPA™) in action. We give you 2 days per year with our experts on-site at your business premises. We will conduct the PIPP and PUWER inspections for you and will produce the necessary reports using RiskMach. You will be able to access the data via the online portal but we can also export the reports in a PDF or Excel format if you prefer.

Need more inspections? We can do this for you upon request, typically for about £110 per item – see all our PUWER inspection prices here.

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Machines Inspected

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*Fair use rules apply to this package. If you exceed the standard limit of 15 users and 5 projects your subscription will be reviewed unless a different limit has been set in your original subscription agreement.