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As an employer, you must inspect industrial machines prior to first use and at suitable intervals thereafter, as detailed in The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER 1998). With years of industry experience, Spiers Safety Engineering provides a comprehensive PUWER inspection service to help you achieve PUWER compliance with ease.

If you need a professional PUWER inspection done by a Certified PUWER Assessor (CPA™), we can send a PUWER inspector on-site to do the inspection for you for an affordable fixed fee. Our PUWER service doesn’t end there – we also offer to design and implement a bespoke, long-term PUWER strategy tailored to your exact business needs.

We begin by helping you nail the planning stage of your PUWER strategy with our comprehensive PIPP service and we continue to support you through its implementation by conducting PUWER inspections and generating in-depth reports recognising where action is needed and giving a description with photos. All compliance activities are done and delivered using the RiskMach platform giving you the option to manage your PUWER records with minimal effort.

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If you would like some more detailed information on the Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations, then read our ultimate guide to PUWER.

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PUWER Planning First Day Free

Meet a member of the team and see how we get started with PIPP as the basis of any coherent PUWER strategy. Create the foundations of your PUWER strategy and achieve regulatory compliance with our PUWER Inspection Planning and Prioritisation (PIPP) service.


Here’s how it works:

TALK – Everything starts with a conversation to see what your needs are and how we can best help you achieve your objectives. Call us now to discuss PUWER inspection needs or book a call back.

GO TO SITE – We come for a free, no-obligation, one day PIPP exercise to begin to survey the site to establish a register of the work equipment you have that requires a PUWER inspection*subject to qualification and availability.


We begin taking inventory of your machines for PUWER inspection using our competence to determine where PUWER inspection is required and assigning a risk to the item to allow resource prioritisation over time. This is a necessary step to run a risk based programme over time e.g. 3 years @30% per year.

Our PIPP reports are produced using the RiskMach platform, a purpose-built tool for planning and doing PUWER inspections. The output is in PDF and excel with various stats and insights around the Site, buildings, areas and assets identified.

Once you have your PIPP report at the end of our free first-day site visit and you have had the chance to see our PUWER experts in action, you can make an informed decision on whether you want to continue working with us.


If you want to continue with our support then the Spiers team will help you create a business process that is sustainable over time based on the resources that you are able to apply to it the need.


We will review and update your PUWER inspection programme as your business needs and the risk profiles change over time.


Where you choose to use Spiers to resource your PUWER inspection implementations we will ensure all your PUWER-related responsibilities are carried out efficiently, on time and within budget by our Certified PUWER Assessors (CPA™) so that you benefit from a compliant and sustainable PUWER implementation.

Ad-hoc PUWER Inspection Service

Simply need a PUWER inspection? At Spiers Safety Engineering, we also offer an affordable fixed-fee PUWER inspection service for all products from workshop machine tools and production machines to process equipment, mobile work equipment and lifting equipment.

With our great-value-for-money PUWER inspections service, you are sure to meet the requirements of the HSE and relevant British Standards to achieve regulatory compliance.

Get your PUWER inspection done by Spiers to:

  • Get it done fast
  • Get it done by experts
  • Get an independent and impartial view
  • Get on with your day job



  • Example
  • Small Hand Tools
  • Desktop Units
  • Pallet Truck
  • Simple Conveyor
  • Pedestal Grinder


  • Example
  • Flow Wrapper
  • Large Conveyor
  • Fork Lift Truck
  • Filler
  • Milling Machine


  • Example
  • Printing Press
  • Robot Cell
  • Screener
  • Large Machine Centre
  • Filler

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Sustainable PUWER Compliance With Rolling Contracts

Struggling to keep up with all your PUWER compliance activities? When you are responsible for a large site with hundreds of pieces of work equipment that require regular PUWER inspections, things can start to fall through the cracks if you don’t get organised with a long-term PUWER compliance plan in place.

This is why, here at Spiers Engineering Safety, we have designed a sustainable PUWER compliance service for our customers on a rolling contract basis. Here’s how it works:

  • Our engineers come on-site to audit all your machinery and equipment
  • We design a long-term plan for PUWER inspections ensuring that all your machines are inspected regularly on a cyclical basis
  • We schedule and carry out all PUWER inspections for you so you won’t ever miss a step in your PUWER compliance strategy
  • Actionable reports are provided and securely stored using the purpose-built RiskMach software

Our rolling contracts guarantee you peace of mind knowing that all your PUWER inspections are scheduled in advance and carried out by industry experts. With a pre-paid annual inspection plan in place, you can easily budget for all your risk management activities and implement a sustainable PUWER compliance strategy without unpleasant surprises in terms of cost.

Knowing when inspections are happening ahead of time also gives you the opportunity to plan for any interruptions and limit the effect that on-site compliance activities may have on your day-to-day operations.

One-Off PUWER Inspections vs Rolling PUWER Contracts

One-Off PUWER Inspections

  • Full flexibility – PUWER inspections done whenever you want
  • Variable PUWER inspection prices based on urgency and complexity
  • No PUWER compliance plan
  • Inspections done one at a time – never inspect everything

Rolling PUWER Contract

  • Structured Approach – PUWER inspections planned by Spiers for you
  • Fixed annual PUWER cost – sustainable budgeting with no unpleasant surprises
  • Actionable plan for 100% PUWER compliance
  • PUWER compliance sorted for all your machines for 3-5 years

What if we want to carry out our own PUWER inspections?

We understand that some organisations prefer to train their own staff to become competent in PUWER inspections.

That’s why we have a portfolio of PUWER training courses that are ideal for anyone who intends to complete PUWER inspections and PUWER Risk Assessments. These PUWER Training courses strike a balance between learning and doing by using classroom learning, practical examples and live machine inspection.

When should I complete a PUWER inspection?

The inspection should be completed prior to machines being brought in to use for the first time. For larger installations with prolonged commissioning periods this can be difficult to define. An inspection should be carried out on relevant machinery before its first use and at regular intervals thereafter.

PUWER 98 is a statutory inspection and records must be held for the most recent inspection at all times. There is no set format for these records.

Risk Assessments
People Trained
Machines Inspected

Machinery Risk Assessment and Close Out

Spiers will provide you with the reasonable support you need to close out your PUWER assessments. This can involve remote support via phone calls, emails, conference calls and web meetings. In some cases return visits to site may also be appropriate in order to verify the control measures have been correctly applied for a PUWER risk assessment.

Spiers provide all clients with a hard copy of the PUWER risk assessments but you can also take advantage of the free license on RiskMach that is issued with most PUWER inspection work.

RiskMach – PUWER Inspection and Machine Risk Assessment Online

Spiers have partnered up with Sotersoft to provide our clients with RiskMach, a web based machine risk assessment tool giving our customers a unique after service that no other provider can match.

RiskMach supports the closeout of machine risk assessments by allowing for each one to be accessed through a single web page and closed out with supporting evidence. It is quick, simple and auditable.

The reports generated by RiskMach can be used to support the closeout of machine risk assessments, or the management reporting can be used to track progress of the risk assessment closeout against the company objectives.

PUWER Support Packages

Looking for PUWER training for your team or maybe you could benefit from expert PUWER support, software or certification? We have a selection of great bundles to give you everything you require to achieve your compliance goals for a fraction of the cost.

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