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These courses are ideal for anyone who intends to complete PUWER inspections and PUWER risk assessments.

These PUWER training courses strike a balance between learning and doing by using classroom learning, practical examples and live machine inspection.

We have several options for PUWER training:

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The Courses

PUWER regulations apply to the provision of all work equipment, including mobile and lifting equipment. It applies to all workplaces and work situations where the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSW act) applies.

We have several options for PUWER training:

Level 1 PUWER Awareness Training (non-accredited)

This training is appropriate for managers, supervisors and safety professionals looking for either entry level or revision of the principles of PUWER and machine risk assessment.

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Level 1 PUWER (Practical) (non-accredited)

This course focuses on the ability to observe, describe and recommend appropriate hazards and actions to be included in a PUWER inspection. This training is appropriate for people looking to develop towards certified PUWER Assessor (CPA) and as such, would suit engineering supervisors, engineering managers, health and safety managers and project managers who are involved in PUWER inspections.

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Level 2 PUWER Assessor Training (non-accredited)

This training is appropriate for anyone looking for a combination of classroom and supervised practical experience.

Typically this course is attended by engineers being asked to complete PUWER inspections as a part of their role. However, it can also be of great interest to managers, safety professionals and OEMs. This course can be adapted to focus on key issues or types of machine / work equipment.

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Level 3 – Certified PUWER Assessor CPA™ Qualification in PUWER Inspection

The Level 3 – Certified PUWER Assessor CPA™ Qualification is an upgraded version of the Level 2 Assessor training. It is the very first professional qualification course for PUWER safety inspectors in the UK that has been approved by Ofqual. As this is an accredited course, it results in the learner (if they pass) acquiring a qualification.

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Level 3 – Certified PUWER Assessor CPA™ Qualification in More Detail

In order to attend the CPA course, you must have both theory and practical knowledge of PUWER and PUWER inspections. You will need to attend one of our Machine Safety Workshops to start your PUWER journey. This will cover the basics of PUWER, and give you the knowledge you need to start your practical experience. It is also advised to complete our PUWER Level 1 – Practical course to get the ‘hands on’ experience before you undertake the CPA course.

This multi-day course, involves a mixture of classroom learning, theory assessment and carrying out a practical risk assessment on an industrial machine. The qualification is designed to assess the skills and understanding of the learner to inspect work equipment in accordance with PUWER 98, in a learning environment.

In relation to achievement of this qualification, the learner is expected to spend an estimated number of 13.5 hours in personal study. Additional learning will be recommended upon admission to the course.


Who should attend?

It is ideal for those with technical responsibilities in the workplace including engineers, technicians, team leaders, supervisors and health and safety practitioners.

What are the learning outcomes?

Learning Outcome 1

Carry out inspections and report findings in accordance with PUWER 98 guidance

Learning Outcome 2

Understand the requirements and implementation of PUWER 98

Learning Outcome 3

Understand the principles of risk assessment as a result of PUWER 98 inspections

Learning Outcome 4

Understand how to identify control measures using hierarchy of control and European Standards

Where Can I Attend?

You have two options. You can either:

  • Option 1) Attend the course at our training centre in Tamworth, Staffordshire and choose a date by clicking this link to suit you.
  • Option 2) Attend the course at your own site (on the understand there will be a minimum of 4 delegates attending from your organisation). Submit an enquiry via this link to find out more.

"It's one of the best courses I have had the pleasure of attending, we all use Health & Safety every day in the workplace, but for engineers to be able to keep the equipment safe is vital to a safe system of work; meaning a successful approach to engineering. It's a great skill to have so please look at the bigger picture and ask for more details!"

The Important Bits

Learners are required to have prior experience of conducting workplace inspections and risk assessments of industrial machines. Evidence of this will need to be given at point of registration.

Should the learner not be able to demonstrate sufficient prior experience then the learner may continue on the course, but will not be able to sit the practical exam until suitable evidence is provided. (The exam must be sat within 6 months of the learner completing the course).

There are many ways of gaining relevant experience:

  • Attend a PUWER Level 1 practical course at the Spiers Training Centre (this is chargeable, prices on request). This 1 day course will focus on the practical skills of observation and inspection in the context of PUWER.
  • Expert remote review of your PUWER inspections
  • Complete Internal PUWER inspections
  • Complete other workplace inspection and risk assessment activities.

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