How to prepare for a PUWER inspection

Be ready for your PUWER inspections by ensuring that steps are taken to ensure the following are in place prior to the inspection:

Ensure that the machine:

  • Is Accessible

  • Is Identified

  • Is in service and operable/operating

  • Is supported by a relevant instruction handbook and schematics

  • Is supported with evidence of change/adaption where appropriate

Consequence / Outcome if not achieved

  • The PUWER inspector will submit a record of inspection stating no safe access was provided.

  • The PUWER inspector will use discretion to name the machine but this may vary from commonly used references.

  • The PUWER inspector may enter a defect/risk to cover the unknown issues that are present but not detectable due to the machine not operating at the time of the inspection.

  • The absence of the instruction handbook and schematics is a significant hindrance to the PUWER inspector. This will be noted and a further PUWER inspection at a short interval is likely to be necessary.

    If you have used RiskMach to establish your PUWER inspection register, then you can upload relevant instructions and schematics to RiskMach so that they are available and accessible to the inspector and your own workers.

    You access your records at:

  • If your machine has been changed/adapted/integrated since the last certification (CE) and/or the last PUWER inspection then please provide the PUWER inspector with a summary of the changes and on request, with access to technical file to evidence the due diligence done as a part of that change.

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