Technical File Storage Service for UKCA and CE Marking

What do your UKCA and CE Marking for machinery services cover?

Compiling the required technical documentation is a crucial step in both the UKCA and the CE marking procedure. Your technical file demonstrates how your machine conforms and would be the proof of due diligence in and defence following an incident such as an accident or market surveillance interventions blocking your machine from the market. The technical file is needed for demonstrating conformity with legislation, directives and regulations specific to the market where your machine will be placed. Whilst many aspects of it will be common, your procedure and technical file, that is derived from it, must meet the requirements of the different procedures and standards relevant to each market.

Technical File Storage Service

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10 Years

You may be requested to present the technical construction file to the authorities for at least 10 years after your machine has been manufactured. In the case of serial manufacture, this is 10 years from the last time the machine was put on the market or into service for the first time. It makes sense to compile and hold this technical file at a remote location to avoid it being lost or degraded over time.

Need help Building your Technical File?

You will rely on the structure and content of this technical file to demonstrate how your machine is safe. This requires that the contents of the technical file be derived from your design risk assessment and indexed to the Essential Requirements.

If you are a UK-based machinery, product or vehicle manufacturer, our certification specialists, here at Spiers Safety Engineering, can help you place your products on the UK or EU markets by handling all required technical documentation. With our expert services, you can build the perfect technical file and store it securely on the Cloud for over a decade.

The Spiers UKCA/CE technical file storage services include:

  • We provide secure Cloud-based data storage for your Technical Construction File (TCF)
  • We store your technical documentation on our bespoke RiskMach platform
  • We become your Authorised Representative (AR) in the EU
  • We ensure your technical file contains accurate and sufficient information to prove conformity

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"Spiers Engineering provided us with an excellent CE Marking Audit. The whole process from start to finish was extremely professional, reasonably priced and they were the only machine safety consultancy who were able to help with the problem I was being faced with"

Creating the Perfect Technical File with Spiers

When you choose to work with Spiers, your UKCA/CE Technical File will be securely stored using our purpose-built compliance software – RiskMach. The RiskMach Certification Vault has a number of excellent features that help simplify the documentation process:

  • Unlimited storage space
  • Secure Cloud hosting
  • Shared access for all relevant people
  • Instant notifications for amends to the technical file
  • ISO 27001 standard of data security

As you begin storing data on the RiskMach Vault, you will be asked to sign an agreement to make us your official authorised representative (AR) in the appropriate market (e.g. UK, EU. With decades of experience in certification of industrial machinery, the Spiers team will make sure that all UK and EU directives applicable to your specific machinery have been complied with so you can sell your machines safely.

Information contained in the Technical File

There are specific requirements and legislation for the different types of products, so the documents you should include in your technical file will vary. That being said, some of the information required is common across a variety of products. As an example of what’s included in the typical technical file for UKCA/CE marking, here are some of the elements outlined in the Machinery Directive:

  • A description of the machine, its purpose and its uses
  • Relevant technical drawings detailing the machine as a whole, as well as specific components
  • Descriptions and explanations can be added to the abovementioned drawings if necessary
  • Instructions and manuals for using the machine
  • Detailed reports of your risk management activities, including risk assessment reports, measures implemented and the verification of the control measures
  • List of the relevant directives and regulations that are applicable to the machine
  • Copy of the Declaration of Conformity
  • Any other technical documentation gathered during the conformity process

The Spiers team has extensive knowledge of the relevant legislation for the UK and EU markets and we can advise you on the exact information that should be included in your technical file as sufficient proof of conformity, based on the nature of the product you are certifying.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should have access to the technical information?

The enforcement authorities for the relevant legislation have the right to request the technical file of a machine for 10 years after it was last manufactured. Spiers acts as your authorised representative, so we are the point of contact for such queries and we facilitate the process.

How do you check if my technical file is correct?

We have been helping UK manufacturers with their machinery certification needs for decades, so our team has an in-depth knowledge of the relevant technical legislation, as well as any changes to the regulations. We will check the format and contents of your technical documentation and we will offer practical advice if you need to add or amend anything to achieve conformity.

What happens if I don’t supply a technical file to the authorities?

If you can provide the authorities with the technical documentation they require, your machine may be pulled from the market and you may be liable for substantial fines. With Spiers and the RiskMach Certification Vault, this will never be a problem you will have to worry about as your technical file will be easily accessible in an instant on the Cloud.

Can I make changes to the technical documentation?

Yes, you can make changes to the technical documentation using the RiskMach platform at any point and all relevant people will be notified immediately to ensure everyone involved has clear visibility of the ongoing compliance activities.