Our Mission Statement

We are an Engineering Consultancy with a difference. Machine Safety is all we do. We do not sell interlocks, guards or any other remedial work in order to upsell our services or to pull the wool over your eyes.

We understand that safe machines are no accident, and that careful planning and prioritisation of machine safety processes are what keeps your employees safe.

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Leading the Machine Safety Market by Innovation

Spiers Engineering Safety will lead the market with high quality independent and impartial machine safety conformity and compliance services for PUWER inspections, audits and CE marking machine certification to the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Our services will be tailored to SMEs and multi-site, multi-national companies to provide the right compliant solution at the right time. We will offer services that add value and refrain where they do not.


Efficiency through Technology

Our reports and the machine CE Certification process will use the latest web based machine risk assessment software (RiskMach) to support efficiency and accuracy for the benefit of quality assurance and accessibility for our customers to the machine safety process. Our advice will cover all aspects of machinery safety as our core competency with the use of sub-contractors minimised to complimentary services and specialist niche areas only.

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Transparency and Collaboration

The machine safety industry is a dinosaur in a modern world. We will continue to invest significant time, effort and money in to the technology that will define new ways of working so as to offer a transparent and collaborative way of working that brings the machine safety services, such as CE marking machines, PUWER inspection and machine risk assessment in to the 21st Century. No more Voodoo black hat. You can now integrate machine safety management systems in to your business with minimal effort.


Simple Machine Safety. No folders on the shelf

Spiers Engineering Safety will provide high quality machine safety services in a clear, simple format using RiskMach to make the reports accessible to all stakeholders. No more folders on the shelf.

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Machine hazards will be identified and ready to action

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Our principles


We value and protect our independence to avoid inappropriate influence on the outcome of our audits and inspections. For this reason, Spiers Engineering Safety accepts no financial benefit as a result of our audits and inspections.


We value and protect our impartiality so you can be sure our advice is objective and referenced to state of the art at all times rather than on the basis of bias, prejudice, or preferring the benefit to one party over another for inappropriate reasons.


We value and nurture our staff and customers. It is crucial that we all talk the same language and so education is central to our strategy both internally and externally.

Trust and Suitability

Of our service to your needs:

We value your time as well as our own. Our systems and ways of working will embed continuous improvement for efficiency to make the most of every minute.

Of the recommendations made in our reports:

We value your trust and so the suitability of our recommendations are scrutinised by quality assurance measures and senior supervision. The detail and depth of the inspection will be suitable and sufficient given the risk and complexity of the machine.


We take responsibility for our recommendations by personally signing off on machine safety risk assessments and action taken.

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