SOP Writing Service

Spiers will provide a competent person to document your standard ways of working in the form of a Standard Operating Procedure and risk assessment. The risk assessment will identify hazards and existing controls with a resulting risk level that is the 'managed risk'.

"Unlike machine change, this behavioural change can be initiated instantly to reduce the likelihood of harm occurring"

The managed risk provides the evidence of risk-based considerations required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (MHSWRs).

This activity does not constitute a full PUWER inspection but combined with a subsequent PUWER inspection you will have what is needed to determine if the work equipment is operated and maintained safely.

SOP Services

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SOP Planning (optional)

The SOP service can begin with a scoping exercise to identify relevant work activities and their inherent risk levels. We can then focus on the highest risk activities first to make sure you are focusing on the most beneficial work procedures.

What are the benefits of using us for your SOPs?

  • Requires less internal resource
  • Reduce risk faster
  • Get an external/objective view on your work procedures
  • Use our experience to improve the quality of your work procedures
  • Reduce admin cost and save time with our touch of a button training records using the new SOP to training converter in RiskMach [additional license required]

What We Do

Spiers will come to site and begin with a kick-off meeting to discuss what level of detail you require and work to meet that requirement as we talk with your operators and other relevant people to record your work procedures and complete a supporting risk assessment.

When combined with our SSoW support package, SOPs are easily rolled out into a training program to keep your workforce well informed and your business well protected as you benefit from the improved visibility of training and other compliance-based activities.

Our approach produces a formal record with the structured text you want but supported with rich multimedia that when used to support learning allows learners to avoid reading lengthy documents etc.

RiskMach is a purpose built tool for documenting SOPs quickly and efficiently You receive a PDF report with text, images, annotation. The audio and video recordings, where appropriate, are included in the report download to minimise the administration and improve user engagement.

  • Our competent persons have the support of our machine safety
  • Only pay for what you need doing
  • Competitive on price
  • Able to scale to large volumes of work
  • National coverage
  • Integrated management system to organize your SOPs, training records and risk assessments to your legal register (e.g. sites, building, areas, assets, substances, work equipment etc.)

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