PUWER Training & Software Package

Looking to improve your in-house knowledge and competence in PUWER compliance? The PUWER Training and Software Package is the perfect solution for your business, offering software, training and support in one value-for-money bundle.

Designed to suit companies of all sizes, this PUWER package can be adapted to the needs of your team, regardless of its size or the current level of PUWER expertise your staff currently have.

As part of the PUWER Training & Software Package you will receive:

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3 Days of PUWER Training Per Year

As one of the UK’s leading PUWER training providers, Spiers Engineering Safety offers a selection of PUWER training courses for different levels of PUWER competence to develop your internal capabilities for conducting PUWER inspections.

The PUWER Training and Support Package gives your team the opportunity to spend three full days a year in PUWER training courses with our experienced engineers. You will get the chance to ask questions and fill in any gaps you may have in your knowledge on the subject.

If you already have a good level of competence in compliance practises, you can choose to do the Level 3 Certified PUWER Assessor (CPA™) Qualification which upon completion gives you an official qualification recognised by Ofqual.

RiskMach Compliance Software

Streamline the PUWER inspection process with RiskMach Compliance – this purpose-built software solution. Designed to offer a multi-user platform where your entire team can collaborate in real-time without being in the same room, this is an innovative PUWER Inspection Software that facilitates teamwork, eliminates the need for paperwork, reduces the error rate and boosts your overall compliance profile.

Offering customisable templates, specialised modules and multiple hazard libraries, the Compliance module gives you a practical solution for your PUWER inspections. You can also access your PUWER data on demand both online and offline whenever you need it.

*Up to 500 risk assessments / audits actions using RiskMach Compliance included with the PUWER Training Package

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RiskMach Report Hub Software

Access all your PUWER inspection reports in one centralised location with RiskMach Report Hub. Within the system, you can easily collaborate with your team from any place in the world using a connected device equipped with the RiskMach app. This allows you to assign actions, review and approve/decline implemented control measures and leave notes and evidence for your team members in real-time.

With full control over user access, you can share the information with anyone within your organisation, as well as with third parties to suit your business model. Your reports are stored safely on the Cloud using advanced cybersecurity solutions but you can also download and save them for your non-digital records.

Unlimited Remote Technical Software Support

Need extra support implementing the RiskMach software? Our team of engineers is here to help you whenever you need us with unlimited technical support included in your package. Whether you are looking for a quick explanation or a demo on how to use certain features of the software, we can arrange that for you. All you have to do is get in touch and let us know what your query is.

Additional Compliance & Certification Packages

Always committed to offering our clients innovative solutions and better value for money, we have designed multiple PUWER packages, as well as a comprehensive Certification & Software Package that facilitates engineering change in your organisation. Need advice on which bundle best suits your business needs? Speak to our team on 02475422624 or email info@spierssafety.co.uk for advice.

Fair use rules apply to this package. If you exceed the standard limit of 15 users and 5 projects your subscription will be reviewed unless a different limit has been set in your original subscription agreement.

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