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As an employer you must inspect industrial machines prior to first use and at suitable intervals thereafter. This service meets that requirement in line with British Standards.

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Do our machines need a PUWER inspection?

Generally yes. If machinery you own does not require PUWER, it will need justifying and referencing on the PUWER register.

Spiers have developed a PUWER risk mapping method called PIPP (PUWER inspection, planning and prioritisation) for discriminating between work equipment allowing your organisation to prioritise resources where they are most needed depending on the level of risk. This will help you to:

  • - Prioritise and focus resources on risks
  • - Help plan resources and budget
  • - Convey you arrangements and implementations to enforcement bodies if required
  • - Reduce overall commercial risk

What if we want to carry out our own PUWER inspections?

We understand that some organisations prefer to train their own staff to become competent in PUWER inspections.

That’s why we have a portfolio of PUWER training courses that are ideal for anyone who intends to complete PUWER inspections and PUWER Risk Assessments. These PUWER Training courses strike a balance between learning and doing by using classroom learning, practical examples and live machine inspection.

When should I complete a PUWER inspection?

The inspection should be completed prior to machines being brought in to use for the first time. For larger installations with prolonged commissioning periods this can be difficult to define. An inspection should be carried out on relevant machinery before its first use and at regular intervals thereafter.

PUWER 98 is a statutory inspection and records must be held for the most recent inspection at all times. There is no set format for these records.


Risk Assessments


People Trained


Machines Inspected

Machinery Risk Assessment and Close Out

Spiers will provide you with the reasonable support you need to close out your PUWER assessments. This can involve remote support via phone calls, emails, conference calls and web meetings. In some cases return visits to site may also be appropriate in order to verify the control measures have been correctly applied for a PUWER risk assessment.

Spiers provide all clients with a hard copy of the PUWER risk assessments but you can also take advantage of the free license on RiskMach that is issued with most PUWER inspection work.

RiskMach - PUWER Inspection and Machine Risk Assessment Online

Spiers have partnered up with Sotersoft to provide our clients with RiskMach, a web based machine risk assessment tool giving our customers a unique after service that no other provider can match.

RiskMach supports the closeout of machine risk assessments by allowing for each one to be accessed through a single web page and closed out with supporting evidence. It is quick, simple and auditable.

The reports generated by RiskMach can be used to support the closeout of machine risk assessments, or the management reporting can be used to track progress of the risk assessment closeout against the company objectives.

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“Spiers carried out PUWER Inspections at our site. We were happy with the service they provided; the whole process from initial quote to published inspection report was handled extremely well, I was kept informed at each stage of the process.”

Martin Cosgrove, Operations Manager, Envirotec