UKCA Marking

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking is the new UK product marking that will be used, subject to parliamentary approval, for certain goods being placed on the UK market if we leave the EU without a deal.

What is happening to the CE Mark?

The CE Mark is controlled by the EU under the Machinery Directive and they may not be too happy about us using that mark after Brexit. So, in the meantime the UK has made contingency plans so that we can continue to mark our products but with something other than the CE Mark.

Goodbye CE mark. Hello UKCA mark!

What is the UKCA Mark?

The UKCA mark is a mark that can be applied to a product by the manufacturer to ensure that it meets all the essential requirements for products of that type.

Do all products require a UKCA Mark?

No. However during the transition from CE Mark to UKCA mark there is as of yet no statutory requirements telling us which products need UKCA marking. As a guide for now your best guess is to assume that the product directives of CE marking will be transposed to UK law in full. Note, this is a good rule of thumb but it is by no means certain.

How do I get a UKCA Mark?

You must complete a conformity assessment of your product to the essential requirements to ensure that is safe. Then hold evidence the evidence for up to 10 years in case an enforcement authority challenge it’s status.

Do I have to use a UKCA Conformity Assessment Body?

No. You do not have to use a registered conformity body. However, you may want help to ensure that your products are being put through an appropriate conformity assessment procedure.

What documentation do I need to keep for my products under UKCA?

The exact documentation you need to keep for a product will vary based on its type. We don’t yet have the detail from the UK Government to know for sure but it will likely result in a technical construction file being compiled. Product specific British standards will specify certain tests, design requirements etc. These should all be evidenced in the technical construction file.

What is the UK Declaration of Conformity?

The CE mark is supported by the issuing of a declaration of conformity. Much in the same way, the UKCA is supported by it’s own declaration of conformity. The declaration is legal statement by the manufacturer that the product is safe to put in to service or place on the market. It will include the name and address of the manufacturer and the type and model of the product. More details will follow as the UK government releases more guidance.

When do I need to start using the UKCA Mark instead of CE marking?

Like most of the Brexit timetables, you may as well take a guess. It would seem for now that the UK Government won’t make the use of the UKCA mark mandatory unless the UK leaves the EU with no deal. However, in any case, it may still become a requirement.