Packaging Machines: Small, Medium and Large Sized Apertures

Dec 06, 2022

May 12, 2015

The safe reach distance required for openings in guards is well defined in BS EN 13857. However, some C type standards will make ammendments to these values. In this case, the BS EN 415 series (part 5) makes specific ammendments for reach distances and differentiates between small, medium and large openings.

Where there is insufficient space to achieve the reach distances in EN 13857 alternative reach distances are provided in a table in Annex B.


Comment: At Spiers we find it very strange that a C Type standard should license a machine designer to decide there is not enough space. Surely they could just design it so there is enough space?

There is the potential for a conflict with PUWER requirements here since the reduced reach distance makes it foreseeable that an operator will reach the dangerous moving parts. The EN standard does not override the UK requirements to providing guarding for an accessible dangerous moving part (See PUWER 98 Regulation 11).

Even so, Annex B provides alternative safe reach distances for designer/manufacturers who are looking to EU conformity (CE Marking) where it is determined by the designer that there is insufficient space to achieve the full reach distance given in EN 13857:NOTE Where there is insufficient space to achieve the reach distances indicated in Table 4 of EN 294:1992, the safeguarding methods indicated in Annex B may be used. See table B.1 below:

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