What is the Purpose of CE Marking?

Sep 09, 2022

Familiar with the CE certification, but just not sure what the actual purpose of CE Marking is? Businesses profit greatly from this mandatory certification. Not only does it show your products are safe to use, it also makes it easier to export your product to other countries.

Purpose #1: No restrictions with CE Marking

One of the greatest purposes of CE Marking is that you get to place your products across Europe without restriction. You won’t need any additional certification to sell your product in countries within the European Union and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. You’ll get to not only place your goods on the market, but also move the products freely.

Purpose #2: CE Marking is recognised worldwide

Though CE Marking focuses on Europe, the mark is used outside of Europe as well. One of the greatest purposes of CE Marking, therefore, is that the mark will be recognised all over the world.

No matter where you wish to export your goods to, CE Marking will make it easy for you to proof your machines meet the requirements of the directives set up by the European Union.

Purpose #3: You’ll guarantee your customers safety

Safety, health and environmental protection are the three pillars of CE Marking. CE Marking is mandatory for many different products. Just look at your smartphone and you’ll see the mark printed on the back. This is with good reason. CE Marking is designed to make products safe to use for European citizens.

The overarching purpose of CE Marking is that it makes your company more trustworthy. Putting the certification on your machinery will translate to your customers that you abide by the EU laws and that your product is safe to use. This adds a great amount of value to your products.

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