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Brexit and The Machinery Directive
Posted in Other Articles on Aug 17, 2022

Mar 17, 2017

Brexit and The Machinery Directive – ‘Game of Change’


The machine safety industry should be watching the Brexit process with baited breath. Nobody truly knows what the outcome will be. In fact, all we know is that our relationship with the EU will never be the same again and in this ‘game of change’ nobody knows the outcomes for sure. The purpose of this article is to explore the changes that could occur to The Machinery Directive and the machine safety industry.

As a professional in machine safety and as a machine safety consultancy business owner responsible for the liv...

Machine Safety – Why we need to eliminate Blame Culture
Posted in Other Articles on Aug 17, 2022

Aug 3, 2017

“Well, if they’re stupid enough to do that then they deserve to get hurt!”

If you’ve ever been involved in machine safety or machine risk assessments then I’m sure you’ve heard someone – it may even have been you – say this or something similar to this. It’s common.

The intention of this article is to address the reasons why this is common, and to attempt to change that culture of thinking. I’ve recently been listening to the audio version of Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed, and it’s got me thinking. Later in this article, I’m going to throw down the gauntlet with a statement th...

KP Snacks
Posted in Other Articles on Aug 17, 2022

Jul 5, 2021

KP Case Study

First Encounter

When we first met KP identifying their problem was pretty simple. They had had PUWER inspections done by various parties. Their own engineers, health and safety professionals, outside contractors and consultants, all had a hand in the risk assessments.

They had different degrees of success and when we met with them to review their current position, it became clear that they knew they had triumphed in some areas and stalled in others. The main priority was quantifying the success or failure which had not be possible previously because the process had no...

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